A Warm Welcome to All Exclusive Priority! Club members.

Program Overview

The Priority! Club is an exclusive program that offers a range of privileges to our most loyal customers, all designed to help you save more when you purchase and get more on every dollar spent with us.

All Priority! Club members are carefully chosen based on a combination of key criteria and using a complex matrix system, the list of club member is formed. These key criteria includes the level of loyalty exhibited by the customer over the past five (5) years, total annual purchase amount, average payment aging and so on.

All Priority! Club members that have been chosen will be entitled to our Customer Royalty Rewards Program known as “Buy to Save!” rebate program. “Buy to Save!” is a rewards program to thank our customers for their loyalty to Tomher products. Rebates based on purchase will be given to our selected club members based on the terms and conditions stated in this program.

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